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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

The extraordinary environment around Warrnambool has inspired a creative response from generations of artists, writers, musicians, craftspeople and artisans.

From the classical genius of Eugene Von Guerard, in a major regional gallery, to a wide variety of private galleries and workshops there is an astonishing variety of visual arts and crafts on display.

Beyond the visual arts, there are musicians, singers and contemporary songwriters of national and international significance. If you're lucky you might even get a chance to hear them live.

There are novelists, writers, and even some who are proud to call themselves professional ratbags!

Warrnambool has a busy schedule of festival and events spanning high culture, middle culture and kids' culture!

In 2012, a new performance space, the Lighthouse Theatre, opened in a redeveloped building that started life in 1891 as the Town Hall. It now offers state of the art theatrical and performance facilities.

There's something for everyone. And there's always something happening.


Warrnambool Art Gallery

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Entertainment Venues

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This region inspires creativity. From a major regional gallery, to a variety of private galleries and workshops, there's art and crafts for every taste.

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