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Fishing Around Warrnambool

Whether you are a first time fisher and want to have a bit of fun with the kids, or are looking for a serious catch, Warrnambool offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities in picturesque locations.

From freshwater fishing in lakes and rivers to estuarine and saltwater fishing in bays, inlets or the ocean, you can dangle a line from a wharf, enjoy the challenge of the surf or rocks, or find the perfect spot in a boat.

All fishing requires a licence. Contact the Visitor Information Centre for a list of licence outlets throughout Warrnambool.

Boat launching is available at the Breakwater for ocean fishing, or the Hopkins or Merri Rivers.

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Diving Around Warrnambool and the Shipwreck Coast

Warrnambool is a great base to explore the underwater wonders of the Shipwreck Coast.

Daktari Surf and Dive can equip you with all the gear required, and give you the local knowledge that will enhance your experience.

The Merri Marine Sanctuary is a stunning playground right at our doorstep - and it can be accessed from the shore. Divers can enjoy an incredible range of marine life and awesome reef formations! 

If you would like lessons on how to Surf, Snorkel or Scuba Dive you can! Go to

Please note the sanctuary area has a "no take zone policy". There are, however, many other sites where crayfish and other fish can be taken.

Snapper SURF: Logans Beach Jan – Mar   Apr, Nov, Dec Morning & evening Octopus, squid, fish fillet, blue bait, pilchard Single hook above sinker.
  ROCK: Close in reefs Jan – Mar Apr, Nov, Dec        
  BOAT: Out from Warrnambool Dec – Mar Apr, Nov        
Salmon BOAT: off shoe reef; Levy’s June – Aug   Apr, May, Sept Morning & evening Whitebait, blue bait Double hook, one above and one below sinker.
Mulloway SURF: Hopkins Mouth RIVER: Hopkins River Jan – Feb Dec Mar, Apr, Nov Late afternoon & night Octopus, fish fillet, live mullet, spew worms, clickers Single running hook.
          Morning, evening & night    
    Jan – Mar April Dec     Live bait trolled or anchored, no weight.
Bream RIVER: Hopkins and Merri Nov – Mar Apr, May, July – Oct June Morning, evening, during day Clickers, worms, shells, shrimp Running sinker of no sinker.
Mullet RIVER: Hopkins Jan, Feb, May - July Mar, Apr, Aug – Dec   During day on rising tide Worms Two hooks under a float or slowly trolled.
Brown Trout RIVER: Merri, Upper Hopkins, Lake Gillear ……………… ..All year round.. ………………… Evening or morning Worms, shrimps, lures, mud eye Single hook under float or no sinker. Alternative spin retrieve.
Whiting BOAT/BEACH: Killarney Dec – Mar Nov Apr, May Evening or night Squid, cockles, spew worms Double hook or single, running sinker.
Yellow Tail Kingfish SURF/BOAT: Warrnambool & Killarney Dec – Feb Mar Nov Early morning & daytime Squid, gars, lures Single hook for bait
Blue Fin Tuna BOAT: Warrnambool & Killarney April – June     Daytime Trolled lures Single hook in lure.
Sweep ROCKS: Warrnambool to Port Campbell Dec – March April, May June – Nov Daytime Cray tail, cockles, prawn Two hooks, one below sinker.
Garfish ROCKS/PIERS: All along coast in small bays Dec – Feb March, Nov April – June, Oct Daytime Sandworm, sand fleas, Cray tail Two hooks, below float or slowly trawled.
Pike BOAT: Warrnambool   Dec – March, July – Aug April – June, Sept – Nov Daytime Lures, blue bait Lure trolled deep with paravene near reef.
Barracouta BOAT/PIER: Out from Warrnambool April, May March Feb, June Daytime Lures, pilchard Trolled lure on cord or wire trace.
Red fin LAKES: Lake Winslow, Lake Pertobe Feb, March, Dec Jan, April, Oct, Nov May Daytime Minnows, worms, lures Jigged lures or slowly trolled bait.
Trevally PIER/BOAT: Breakwater Aug, Sept July, Oct Jan, Feb, Nov Anytime Prawn, worms, Cray tail Double hook similar to whiting and sweep.
Estuary Perch RIVER: Hopkins Jan, May, June Feb – April, July, Nov, Dec   Evening or during night Shrimp, lures Single hook float or no sinker. Fast spun lure.
Gummy Shark SURF: Logans Beach Oct, Nov Dec – March June, July Evening Fish fillet Single hook with wire trace.
  BOAT: Out from Warrnambool            
School Shark SURF/BOAT: As above June, July May Aug – Oct, April As above. Fish fillet As above.


All fishers, fresh and sea, need licences, even for collecting bait.
Licence must be carried and produced on demand.

$35.00 for 1 year        $10.00 for 3 days
$95.00 for 3 years      $20.00 for 28 days

Under 18, seniors card holders, 70+ years, carers, pensioners free

Licences & bait are available from the following:

  • Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre, 89 Merri St (Licence only)
  • East Warrnambool Milkbar (O'Leary's), Cnr Flaxman & Nicholson Sts (Licence & Bait)
  • K-mart, 150 Raglan Parade (Licence Only)
  • Hopkins River Caravan Park, 125 Jubilee Park Road (Licence & Bait)
  • Hopkins River Milk Bar, 8 Hopkins Road (Licence & Bait)
  • Warrnambool Holiday Park, Cnr Raglan Parade & Simpson Street (Licence & Bait)
  • Ray's Outdoors, Raglan Parade (Online fishing Licence only & Bait)
  • Daktari Dive Shop, 453 Raglan Parade (Licence only)
  • Apco Service Sttion, 485 Raglan Parade (Bait only)
  • Department of Primary Industry (Online Licence only)
  • Warrnambool Beach Backpackers, 17 Stanley St (Licence, bait, & tackle).