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Things to do - Point Ritchie/Moyjil

Point Ritchie/Moyjil

Point Ritchie/Moyjil is one of many significant Aboriginal sites across Victoria's South West.

Situated at the mouth of the Hopkins River, the site has fascinated scientists for several decades. Shell middens and hearth-like structures suggest a lengthy human occupation at the site, located within an area occupied by the Tone Gundidj clan.

Dating of this archaeological material suggests the site could be as old as 80,000 years which, if confirmed, would rewrite our understanding of how humans colonised the globe.

Point Ritchie/Moyjil has received a State Government Ongoing Protection Declaration and is listed on the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Register.

Scientists and Traditional Owners are now working together to unlock the mystery of Point Ritchie/Moyjil and to share its stories.

Visiting Point Ritchie/Moyjil

Point Ritchie/Moyjil is easily accessed and is a great place to contemplate Australia's Indigenous heritage while taking in spectacular views of Warrnambool's coastline, the Hopkins River and the Lady Bay.

The site has a car park, three viewing platforms, wheelchair access and toilets.

Please stick to designated paths and walkways as the surrounding dunes and rocky outcrops contain significant archaeological material.

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