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Whale Watching - Updated Sightings

Warrnambool Whales 2013

Sightings are subject to change quickly - We attempt to update the page with the latest confirmed sightings in a timely manner.

Warrnambool's main viewing platform is the purpose built Logans Beach Whale Viewing Platform.

What A Season We Are Having!!

Date of Sighting


12 Oct

Dear Fellow Whale Whatchers

It appears that our Right Whales may have all left the coast to head for their Summer feeding grounds so this will be my final weekly update for this season.

I only have one confirmed sighting to report for the week ending 11 Oct 2013

-5 Oct 2 x srw Logans Beach(1 cow calf pair)

Thank you to all our data contributors for your reports this year, particularly, the dedicated observers at Logans Beach, Port Fairy and Portland.

Please keep sending your reports if you have an and I will ensure they are added to the database.

12 Oct The last sighting was Sunday 6 October.
29 Sep No Sightings Today
28 Sep No Sightings Today
27 Sep No sightings today
26 Sep Rough seas today so whale sightings unlikely
25 Sep Whale Sighted at Logans Beach 10:45am
24 Sep Two whales sighted at Logans Beach intermittently today.
23 Sep 2 Whales at Logans Beach 11.30am
22 Sep  9am mother & calf close to platform at Logans Beach
21 Sep 10:30am 4 whales at Logans Beach.  We also have a report of a large pod of dolphins and a couple of seals that kept the surfers company this morning.
19 Sep Morning-2 or 3 whales at Logans Beach
18 Sep 10am 2 whales at Logans Beach - very active
17 Sep No whales sightings yesterday or today.
15 Sep

2 Whales at Logans Beach at 9:30am.

2pm There are at least 4 whales playing at Logans Beach.

13 Sep 10am sightings of 4 whales at Logans Beach
12 Sep
11:30am 3-4 whales are close to shore at Logans Beach
9 Sep 2 whales 10am at Logans Beach close to platform
8 Sep 3 whales at 10am today & at 12:30 2 whales sighted
7 Sep

No confirmed sightings at this stage.  Stay tuned!

3 whales sighted at Logans Beach, quite close in, so fairly easy to see in the swell.

6 Sep Whales sighted at Logans Beach.
5 Sep Mid morning-6 whales 100m offshore at Logans Beach
4 Sep 10:00am 4 Whales seen at Logan's Beach
3 Sep 9:20am couple of whales at Logans Beach far out
2 Sep 11am today there at 6 whales at Logans Beach
1 Sep

9.15am There are at least 6 Southern Right Whales at Logans Beach this morning. What a wonderful day for whale viewing and a great start to Spring.

12.30pm Whale update - up to 12 whales at Logans Beach showing off quite close in, so great viewing.

31 Aug 11am 5 or 6 whales easily viewed from platform at Logans Beach
30 Aug 10:30 6 whales close to shore at Logans Beach
29 Aug 1pm 4 mother and calf pairs at Logans Beach
28 Aug

No confirmed sightings this morning - yet!

12 noon we have had a report of 15 whales at Logans beach!  Great day for viewing.

27 Aug Two whales seen at Logan's Beach at 9:30am this morning. Late morning 5 whales at Logans Beach
26 Aug 10:30am 2 southern right whales close to the viewing platform at Logans Beach, quite active.
25 Aug No Confirmed sightings so far today.  2.30pm Yes!! We have confirmed whale sightings. Two pairs at Logans Beach putting on a wonderful display.
24 Aug 12 noon Two pairs spotted some distance out earlier this morning.  They have moved in closer and can easily be seen from the platform now. 
23 Aug The regular mother and calf pairs have been spotted at Logans today
22 Aug 2 whales seen at Logan's Beach lookout at 2:30pm today.
21 Aug 9.15am Two mother and calf pairs to the left of Logans Beach Platform.  Beautiful sunny morning. Great viewing conditions!
20 Aug 11am no sightings yet today
19 Aug 3pm, 3 whales at Logans Beach, rain coat and umbella is necessary this afternoon, bbbbrrrrrr
19 Aug Whales at Logans Beach today
18 Aug Whales at Logans Beach today
17 Aug Several whales spotted at Logans Beach this morning.
16 Aug Sightings morning and afternoon of whale mothers and calves and dolphins at Logans Beach.
15 Aug 2 Mother & calf whales have been seen at various times at Logans Beach today.
14 Aug Dolphins & whales are at Logans Beach today
13 Aug 2 mothers & 1 calf today at Logans Beach
11 Aug 10.30am 2 or possibly 3 mothers with calves at Logans Beach.
10 Aug 10am 3 mothers & calves Logans Beach
9 Aug 3 pairs plus 2 others at Logans Beach
8 Aug 3 x pairs at Logans Beach
7 Aug 4:00 3 whales plus 2 calves at Logans Beach
6 Aug 11:00 several whales not close to shore this morning
5 Aug 12:30 6 or 7 whales at Logans Beach
4 Aug Three to four whales at Logans Beach. 11.45am.
4 Aug Confirmed sightings of a mother and calf at Logans Beach. 11.30am.
3 Aug Several whales at Logans today.
2 Aug 3 mother calf pairs, quite active & playful
1 Aug 4 mothers & calves at Logans Beach this morning
31 July

The sun is shining, calm seas, and great whale viewing.  Four whales have been moving around the the Logans Beach area today.

30 July 4 or more whales sighted today
29 July 1 mother & calf plus one sub adult this morning 9:30
28 July 4 mothers & calves plus 4 others
27 July 11am - 4 whales sighted at Logans Beach, conditions clear.
26 July No Confirmed Sightings Today
25 July 9.30am - mother and calf + 1 other whale at Logans Beach.
24 July 4.00pm - 2 Southern Right Mothers and calves at Logans Beach
24 July 12:30pm 4 x mother & calf pairs & 2 sub adults
23 July 2.30pm - Southern Right Whale sighted about 400mts west of lookout, then a mother and calf in front of lookout about 200-300mts, then another whale west of lookout close to the other whale. 4 whales all up over a 2 hour period.
22 July 9.40am - Mother and calf to the right of Logans Beach platform, the sun is shining but weather is cool so rug up for viewing today.
20 July 12pm - 7 Whales sighted off Logans Beach

19 July

10am - 6 Whales sighted off Logans Beach

18 July 9.30am - 2 Whales sighted at Logans Beach.
17 July 4 Southern right whales and calves spotted at Logans Beach.  The viewing conditions are clear and the sea is  calm.  Sited at 11.15am
16 July Two mothers and calves gently swimming up and down Logans Beach.
14 July Two mothers and calves sighted at Logans Beach
13 July 11am one whale sighted at Logans Beach
12 July 3pm - 3 mothers and calves at Logans Beach
11 July 8.00am 2 mothers and calves at Logans Beach, sea is calm, good viewing conditions.
1.00pm, Mother and calf at Logans Beach, the sun is shining but still chilly wind so rug up.
9 July 8:00am 2 mothers and calves at Logans Beach, perfect viewing today, sunny clear sky & calm sea
8 July 11:00am Mother & calf sighted at Logans Beach, good viewing today, calm sea & sunny.
7 July Whales sighted at Logans Beach
6 July 11:30am - 2 whales sighted at Logans Beach
5 July 9.30am -Logans Beach  - mother and calf 100metre from shore. The weather is rather chilly and wet so if going to Logans beach rug up bring binoculars and happy watching.
3 July Logans Beach viewing platform - there is a mother and calf in front of the right side of the platform at 10.10am.  Similar spot to yesterday.
2 July  Logans Beach veiwing platform - there is a whale and possibly a calf in front of the right side of the platform at 11.10am
2 July

10am No confirmed whale sightings as yet!

1 July 3 Whales at Logans Beach this morning
30 June Whale sighted at Logans Beach
29 June Whale sighted Logans Beach - distant, no sightings Portland or Port Fairy today
27 June 9am & 10am, 1 mother and calf sighted at Logans Beach
26 June 11am, 2 whales sighted at Logans Beach, luckily the sun is shinning and the fog has lifted.
25 June Whales visible using binoculars east of Logans Beach
24 June 1 whale at Logans Beach this morning, binoculars needed.
23 June 9:00am 2 mothers & 2 calves sighted 150 metres off Logans Beach
22 June No sightings today
21 June 2 Southern Right mothers and calves at Logans Beach today.
20 June 2:30pm 6 dolphins in front of Warrnambool Surf Club
20 June 10.30am, Two whales at Logans Beach this morning. Rug up as it is still chilly outside this morning. brrrrr
19 June A mother and calf spotted very close to shore at the Logan's Beach Whale watching platform at 1:30pm.
19 June 9am and 9:45am reported sightings of whales at Logan's Beach. Good viewing from platform.
18 June At noon unconfirmed whale sighting 500m off Logans Beach Platform
17 June 3:15pm unconfirmed whale sighting at Logans Beach platform
17 June No whales today
16 June No whales sighted today.
15 June Visitor Centre staff spotted whale in front of Warrnambool Surf Club about 11am, visible for short time only
13 & 14 June No confirmed sightings
12 June No confirmed sightings today
11 June Whale sighted midday Logans Beach 500 metres offshore, breaching & visible for half an hour
11 June No Whales seen today.
10th June - 10am Whales at Logans Beach 500metres east (left) of whale viewing platform.
9th June 2013 Confirmed sighting of Mother and Calf at Logans Beach. Still a fair way out but slowly settling into the whale nursery area.
7th June 2013 Single whale sighted at Logans Beach in the afternoon
18th June 2013

9am - 2 whale sighted at Logans Beach, binoculars needed.
9.45am - 2 whales sighted in Lady Bay from Simons Restaurant, binoculars needed still as they are well out.
Today is chilly but the sun is shining so bring your binoculars out for a spot of whale watching.

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What Will You See At Logans Beach?
Maybe You Will Be Lucky LIke The People In This Youtube Clip

The joy of Logans Beach Whale Viewing Platform is that the area off the platform is an area that whales stay for the winter. The resident mother whales stay in the area most of winter as they raise their young ready for the dangers of the voyage south to Antartica in October.


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The normal pattern for Warrnambool Whales is for them to snoop around the coast for a few days and then start heading to Logans Beach Warrnambool. Once the Logans Beach area has been 'scouted' by the mother whale they go back out to sea and have their calf.

They then return to Logans Beach Warrnambool to care for their new born whale calf through winter before returning to south oceans in September and October.

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