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Warrnambool Whales 2015

Sightings are subject to change quickly - We attempt to update the page with the latest confirmed sightings in a timely manner.

Warrnambool's main viewing platform is the purpose built Logans Beach Whale Viewing Platform.

Date of Sighting


4 Nov 2014

Dear whale watchers,
No reports of whales since October 12th so it appears that the winter season of 2014 may have come to a close and this is our final report for this year.
Movement of individual whales have been documented courtesy of the DEPI photo-identification matching project. This year we would like to acknowledge the contributions of the Warrnambool Whale Watch volunteers and data contributors; P Read, C Farrell, Deakin University, B McPherson, and M Hartney.

Mandy Watson
Senior Biodiversity Officer,
Barwon South West Region.

27 May 2015
There have been whale sightings in Lorne and Fairhaven over the last week.  We are hoping they are making their way to Logans Beach to set up residence to make the start of potentially a great whale season!

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What Will You See At Logans Beach?
Maybe You Will Be Lucky LIke The People In This Youtube Clip

The joy of Logans Beach Whale Viewing Platform is that the area off the platform is an area that whales stay for the winter. The resident mother whales stay in the area most of winter as they raise their young ready for the dangers of the voyage south to Antartica in October.


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Have you seen a whale at or near Logans Beach? If a sighting has not been reported on this site call the team at the Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre TOLL FREE on 1800 637 725 or email to share the news!

The normal pattern for Warrnambool Whales is for them to snoop around the coast for a few days and then start heading to Logans Beach Warrnambool. Once the Logans Beach area has been 'scouted' by the mother whale they go back out to sea and have their calf.

They then return to Logans Beach Warrnambool to care for their new born whale calf through winter before returning to the southern oceans in September and October.

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Visitor Information

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