sound and light show 570 x 400

Shipwrecked Sound and Laser Show

Shipwrecked! is a $5million sound and laser show that takes you on a journey through a raging ocean, flanked by an unforgiving coastline... A Melbourne-bound clipper with a priceless statue on board... The 18 year old daughter of an Irish doctor... A poor but keen young crewman, discovering an exciting life on the high seas.

Embark on the journey that resulted in one of Australia's most infamous matime disasters when you experience SHIPWRECKED!, an enthalling journey of discovery, tragedy, illusion and intrigue. 

SHIPWRECKED! is a state of the art sound and laser show. 

Photographer: Craig Richards

Lighthouse Theatre Warrnambool

The Lighthouse Theatre is south-west Victoria's premier cultural and entertainment centre. It is a beacon for drama, music, dance and comedy and attracts performers of national and international renown.

Take in a show during your time stay, with a calendar of events that is ever changing, there is sure to be something for everyone.


The Warrnambool Art Gallery

Established in 1886, the Warrnambool Art Gallery offers a diverse collection of artworks, from elegant European salon paintings to the Avant-garde modernism of the Angry Penguins.

Artworks range from the romanticised colonial landscapes of Eugene Von Guerard and Louis Buvelot, to contemporary Australian printmaking by Juan Davila, Barbara Hanrahan and Ray Arnold.

Address: 26 Liebig St
Phone: 03 5559 4949

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Meet koalas, emus, kangaroos and many species of waterbirds roaming freely in Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, which sits inside an extinct volcano formed some 30,000 years ago.

Declared Victoria's first National Park in 1892, Tower Hill is the ideal place for visitors to experience the Australian bush, enjoy magnificent scenery and landscapes while getting up close and personal with some of Australia's most iconic native birds and animals including emus, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas and seasonal reptiles.

We specialise in school programs, twilight bush & nature walks and  Personlised Bush & Nature Walks available.

The Reserve and its plethora of wildlife provides visitors with the rare opportunity to witness animals at close range in their natural habitat. This, combined with guided tours to learn about Aboriginal history and cultural heritage provides a unique eco-tourism experience.

Worn Gundidj guided tours are available everyday at 11am and 1pm. Attractions on offer include walking tracks, picnic facilities and lookouts.