10 Things to Tick Off Your Bucket List This Autumn


On average children today get only thirty minutes a day of fresh air and sunlight, and for the adults, it’s even less. At the same time, we make sure that prisoners get two hours a day in the sun. Let that sink in... It's time to reclaim our freedom. Here are 10 easy experiences that will make you feel alive, they’ll shake you out of the everyday, into the present moment and become the stories you’ll share for the rest of your life. All can be done in and around Warrnambool, and this Autumn we challenge you tick off as many as you can! 


  1. Attend the May Racing Carnival (Experience)
    Why wouldn’t you want to experience the biggest and longest steeplechase in the world? Whether it’s the trill of the race, the love of the punt or the passion for fashion that tickles your fancy - it’s time to tick this one off your bucket list! 

  2. Take a Selfie at the Twelve Apostles and Beyond (Travel)
    The 12 Apostles are on bucket lists all over the world, and it’s the journey to that sacred selfie location that makes it all worth it. Autumn is a great time to take a Great Ocean Road Trip (1 hour drive from Warrnambool. Warrnambool Tours offer a range of guided tours along the road full of local secrets and interesting history. Discover some of the lesser known treasures like Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, Bay of Islands and Childers Cove! 

  3. Visit a Volcano (Culture & Nature)
    Ever been inside a volcano? Want to experience the culture and nature of Aboriginal Australia? Take a hike? Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is the place where you can experience and all in one location! Ps. Take a guided tour for the best possible experience! 

  4. Witness an extreme sport: Premiere Speedway (Action)
    The Premiere Speedway attracts thousands who pilgrimage from all over the world to witness the race. The Easter Sprintcar Trail, 3 nights of action, is your chance to experience the speed, the roar of the crowd and a massive fireworks display. 

  5. Horseback Riding on the Beach (Experience)
    Everyone can enjoy the thrill of riding a horse along a wide open beach. Join Rundell’s Mahogany Trail Rides on a unique journey through the sand dunes and along the beach with a team of friendly and experienced staff. Perfect for all experience levels, ride wonderful horses along a quiet and isolated stretch of beach.

  6. Fly in an open cockpit biplane (Experience)
    Straight out of WW1, go for a joy flight over the spectacular 12 Apostles in an open cockpit biplane with Adventure Co. See the best of the Shipwreck Coast including the Bay of Islands, decked out in authentic leather flying helmets and jackets. A scenic 40-minute drive from Warrnambool this unique experience is one you won’t forget. 

  7. Ride the Rail Trail (Fitness)
    If you are looking for a challenging trail with a nice scenic view the whole way, The Warrnambool to Port Fairy Rail Trail is the perfect fitness route for you. With hills and flats, the trail provides a perfect ride to make your day!   

  8. Explore a cave (Nature)
    Along the Warrnambool coast line, there are limitless spots to explore breathtaking views and perfect photography. At Pickering Point step inside an open cave, have a rock pool ramble to find sea creatures you’ve never seen before.

  9. Learn to surf, snorkel or dive (Fitness & Experience)
    For an experience on or under the water, surfing, snorkelling or diving is an experience only a few can say they have tried! Let one of the Go Surf or Daktari Surf and Dive’s certified teachers safely push you out of your comfort zone. 

  10. Try Escape Room (Experience)
    Lockology Warrnambool is a deeply engrossing real-life puzzle experience that will rack your brains, as you find clues and solve puzzles to escape before the time runs out! Unravel the mystery of the room working in a team of 2-6 to solve a variety of quirky and challenging puzzles of this bucket list must do! 


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