Your Playground Hopping Guide to Warrnambool


Have you ever heard of ‘Playground Hopping’?

The Playground Hop is the art of travelling from one playground to another, ticking off as many as you can, like a frog jumping lily pads or a bee buzzing from bloom to bloom.

Warrnambool is famous for having the mother of all playgrounds, Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground, but did you know we have over 50 smaller playgrounds waiting to be discovered?

‘How do I playground hop?’ I hear you ask.

It’s easy; use the map below to start creating your own playground hopping adventure.

Decide on your first playground clutter, follow the map to find a playground, play on it, find another playground, play on it, and repeat. Voila! All you need is yourself (although a friend makes it more fun).

Challenge yourself to visit as many playgrounds as you can, or challenge a friend to a race to visit every playground in Warrnambool. Fit it into a lunchbreak, or pack a picnic and make a day of it.

We recommend walking your way, riding your bike or scooter as you hop from playground to playground. After all, it’s the journey not the playground that makes it an adventure.

No matter the age or ability there are accessible playgrounds for everyone. After lockdown it isn’t just the little ones who are itching to swing, and jump, and hang upside down!

No one is too old for the whoosh! of a swing, the wobble of the crossing a bridge, the challenge of the monkey bars or the simplicity of sitting in the sun and letting your imagination play.

So what are you waiting for, hop to it.

Download the map here or follow the trail below. 

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