27 May 2020



When we made the decision to move to Warrnambool, we also made the decision to move four hours away from our families and friends. We knew one person in this new town we had blindly pinned our hopes on. Since making the move, we are certainly not strangers to having visitors come and stay. Some come and stay at our house, though since adding another baby to our humble three-bedroom home, the need for folks who want to visit to stay in paid accommodation is now more of a requirement than a choice but they’re not short of options. There are hotels and motels, air bnb’s, cabins, holiday and caravan parks, with an abundance of choice.

With this pandemic keeping everyone stationary within their home towns, it has been a long time since we’ve had any visitors come to our seaside haven. I think I speak for many when I say that we’re all in need of some friendly faces, some company other than those we live with from day to day. The sense of people getting itchy feet is building to a crescendo. As restrictions are slowly beginning to ease, I get the sense that people will soon be planning a great escape from their own four walls and their towns or suburbs. We’re certainly keen to spread our wings and venture further but I also know we’re eagerly getting ready to welcome loved ones back into Warrnambool with open arms and a renewed sense of adventure. We’re looking forward to heading to our favourite cafes and restaurants to support locals and to catch up on all that we have missed over a hot cup of coffee and some good food. We’re looking forward to braving the winter ahead and still heading out to appreciate wild winds along the breakwater, to spending an afternoon or evening being carried away by a show at The Lighthouse Theatre. We’re simply looking forward to just going for a walk with friends along the esplanade path, smiling at strangers and not having to give a thought to ‘keeping our distance’ or numbers in gatherings.

We’ve already had a number of friends and family get in touch to tell us of their plans to come and visit us in Warrnambool. Many haven’t been here before, and like us before we moved, Warrnambool may not have previously crossed their minds as a place to visit. But like we quickly came to realise that we’d been missing out, they’ve been missing out too. When we show people around town who haven’t been here before, we can almost read their faces saying ‘geez, I never realised it was so beautiful here’. Little old Warrnambool, it catches people off guard with its charm, it finds the ‘soft spots’ in people and nestles in there, and like comfort food on a rainy day, it never disappoints.

Who will you be inviting to our precious patch of the South West Coast?

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Leah currently lives in Warrnambool with her husband and two little adventure seekers. A nature lover since a young girl, Leah and her family will most often be found exploring the stunning natural spaces and pristine coastlines that the area has on offer. With writing and photography being a creative outlet, with so much to see and do, inspiration is never hard to come by.


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