‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice. She was a girl with a keen sense of adventure and not one to shy away from exploring the unknown. As it turns out, I should have been more like Alice!

For two years we have lived in Warrnambool, for two years we have walked past a small opening just off to the side of our usual beach footpath, I’ve always been curious to where it leads. As we usually have the pram in tow, I always assumed we wouldn’t fit down that little path so never ventured further. Today we learnt not to let assumptions override curiosity and finally ventured down the trail, and what a gem we found!

To get to this spot, park at Grannys Grave beach carpark on Hopkins Point Road. Head in along the footpath, just up ahead you’ll see a sign for Flume beach and a beach shower. Just before the shower, look to your right and you’ll see the start of a trail amongst the shrubs. It’s worth mentioning here that you could also begin this trail from Flume Beach car park (track starts adjacent to the train line at the top of the carpark hill), or make a loop of it, going or coming back along the beach or footpath.

This walk is approx. 1km long – one way. It provides a beautiful wide path, plenty of room for little people to roam and explore and offers a welcomed dash of solitude if you’re looking to avoid the more travelled footpath. As usual in Warrnambool, there are stunning views to appreciate, looking all the way to the Breakwater and an added bonus for parents, it easily accommodates a double pram.

Todays’ walk for us began with a somewhat overtired and grumpy three-year-old (and a snoozing babe in the pram). If you’re a parent you may be familiar with the phrase about cranky toddlers; “put them in water or take them outside” to shift a mood and truer words have never been spoken. Within the first few minutes our little guy let his desire to explore get the better of his grumpiness. A bit further in and he was playing hide and seek in amongst the bushes, his squeals of delight always giving away his hiding spot. The ocean views caught his eye and mesmerised him. The fresh sea air washed his mood clean, and at the end there were puddles, he was wearing gumboots. Need I say more.

At the end of the trail is a gate with a small opening at one end. You will end up at the top of Flume Beach carpark. Heading down into the carpark will again take you to the beach footpath, following the path left will take you back to Grannys Grave. Following the path right will take you to Lake Pertobe and importantly, to coffee – with The Beach Kiosk, Simon’s and The Pavillion all close by.

So, let’s all take a leaf out of Alice’s book and get inquisitive, explore more and see what treasures are waiting to be found. And perhaps that advice about taking kids outside or in water to shift a bad mood, isn’t just reserved for kids…I know I always feel better when I’m outside, by the ocean or amongst the trees. Perhaps that why Warrnambool feels more like home than anywhere else I’ve found. Come and see what I mean…get curious.

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Leah currently lives in Warrnambool with her husband and two little adventure seekers. A nature lover since a young girl, Leah and her family will most often be found exploring the stunning natural spaces and pristine coastlines that the area has on offer. With writing and photography being a creative outlet, with so much to see and do, inspiration is never hard to come by.

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