3 Free Father’s Day Adventures in Warrnambool


Father’s Day can be a time of reflection, on the memories we have with our fathers or our children. Warrnambool is spoilt for choice when it comes to free family fun adventures. In this post local dad Linton Hall reflects on some of his family’s adventures in Warrnambool.

I have three beautiful healthy children Fletcher 5, Solomon 2 and Rosie 12 weeks, as well as an amazing wife and strong relationships with my family. Being a Dad has helped me rediscover the simple things in life.  Through the many experiences I am having with my children in Warrnambool, I have come to strongly value being in nature. It’s our chance to leave all of our typical distractions behind. At the end of the day you don’t really need to do anything to connect with nature, and being outdoors costs very little (if anything), you just need to be in it. Intuitively, I think that many of us know that nature has a positive effect on our overall wellbeing.  Whether it’s sitting under a tree with your child and telling stories, having a paddle in the river or wrapping up in a towel to keep warm together afterwards – those are the special times that our kids are going to remember forever. 

Let me share my top three things in Warrnambool to do with the kids.

Bike Ride on the Rail Trail to Lake Pertobe

Packing a backpack full of food (including some junk food!), a couple of bottles full of water and taking off on the bikes along the rail trail.  We start in Merrivale and head towards Lake Pertobe, stopping along the way as the kids point things out.  It can be a long ride stopping all the time, but it allows me to understand what each of the kids value.

We usually end up at Lake Pertobe, why wouldn’t we!  We see people we know, and meet people that we didn’t know – always great social interactive experience, and it wears them out too!  Lake Pertobe has so much to offer, physical activities, boating adventures, bird watching and just lying on the grass starring at the sky – making animals of the clouds.

Exploring Secret Beaches

On a clear and calm evening, heading to the Shelly Beach / Second Bay area on sun down.  For me, being on the beach at sun down provides me with a detoxing sensation.  The kids love it and are always happy just being there, they run wild together enabling their curiosity to flourish – something I get a lot of enjoyment out of.

We sit together and practice using our sensations – smelling, seeing and listening to nature.  We tell stories and talk about what we will do with Rosie when she comes with us for the first time.

Canoeing to Stingray Bay

Making a picnic and paddling our canoe down the Merri River, starting from Merrivale and ending up at Stingray Bay.  We drift slowly, I allow the boys to direct our path down the river.  We practice our bird identification and chase large schools of mullet in summer.  There is always a stop South Warrnambool playground (it’s brand new now!), before continuing on to Stingray Bay.

The Stingray Bay area is such an iconic part of Warrnambool, is safe with young kids and a fun spot to kick balls, play in the waves and the river.  At Stingray Bay, we meet Mum, who has coffee and hot chocolates from the Pavilion Café – we catch up with family, friends and just enjoy the serenity!

So there you go, my three favourite things to do in Warrnambool with the kids.  It’s Father’s Day – the days are getting longer, weather is improving and we are all coming out of our winter hibernation.  I hope to see you out there enjoying this great place we live!


You can follow Linton's family adventures on his instagram @daddylonglynx

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