Gone fishing!

Fishing is about so much more than catching a fish. While it is certainly the main aim of the activity, the experience offers so many other benefits. 

It is a great way to spend a day in the fresh sea air and take in the spectacular coastal scenery. Whether you chose the freshwater of the lakes and rivers or the expanse of the ocean, you can take in the beautiful landscapes and maybe spot some wildlife while you wait.  Some of the popular spots include the Hopkins river for mulloway, bream and mullet and Logans Beach for snapper and gummy shark.

Fishing is a fantastic opportunity to spend time with the family, teaching the kids a new skill. Everyone can have a go at fishing at just about any age – be it a hand line or a massive surf rod, there is something that suits all sizes. Take a picnic, grab something at a local eatery or cook your catch on the public BBQs located in some of the local parks. 

Even if you don’t hook a fish, the adventure and fun had over a fishing line will long be remembered – along with the stories of the one that got away!