Shipwrecked Sound and Laser Show

Shipwreck Sound and Laser Show

Located within Flagstaff Hill, Shipwrecked is a $5million sound and laser show that takes you on a journey through a raging ocean flanked by an unforgiving coastline, a Melbourne-bound clipper with a priceless statue on board, the 18 year old daughter of an Irish doctor, poor but keen young crewman and discovering an exciting life on the high seas.

Embark on the journey that resulted in one of Australia's most infamous matime disasters when you experience SHIPWRECKED!, an enthalling journey of discovery, tragedy, illusion and intrigue.

SHIPWRECKED! is a state of the art sound and laser show. The complete theatrical experience magically brings to true life the tale of the Loch Ard, wrecked in 1878.

Staged nightly SHIPWRECKED! is a spellbinding chronicle of how Victoria's western coastline earned its cruel distinction as the Shipwrecked Coast.