Top 6 Summer Regrets and How to Avoid Them


Don’t let the laidback coastal lifestyle fool you, Warrnambool is no small town, Warrnambool is a cosmopolitan city by the sea. With a population of more than 34,000 people who have come from a variety of cultures to make Warrnambool a vibrant and ever-changing destination. With so much to offer, the risk of holiday regret is real. Here are the top 6 holiday regrets and how to avoid them.

If I’d know there was so much to do! I would have booked a longer stay! Yes, Warrnambool is the biggest destination and only city on the Great Ocean Road, and one of the most multicultural destination in regional Victoria. These means Warrnambool has a vibrant and ever-changing mix of untouched nature and metro quality attractions and events. It is not possible to experience everything Warrnambool has to offer in under a week. We recommend at least 3 nights to avoid holiday regret.  

If I’d known about all of the Summer Events! I would have downloaded the events guide and planned our holiday around them! To say Warrnambool is alive with special events during summer, is an understatement. Don’t miss a minute of the action by downloading your copy of the I AM WARRNAMBOOL Summer Guide. Subscribe to our seasonal mailing list to have the guide emailed direct to your phone.

If I'd known about all the sell-out tours and shows! I would have booked in advance! Meet the Maremma Tours, Tales of the Shipwreck Coast Sound and Light Show, Guided Street Art Tours and Tower Hill Bush Tucker and Cultural Tours. These fantastic activities sell out fast – so be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Book here.

If I’d known about the food and wine! I would have eaten at the local restaurants and visited the farmers markets! Warrnambool is uniquely located on nutrient rich volcanic soil, in an area of high rain fall. This means Warrnambool farmers use less fertilisers and grow faster. This makes Warrnambool an agricultural powerhouse producing some of the most organic, and delicious produce from dairy products to locally grown veggies. Also, the local sea food is to die for!

If I’d known about the Street Art! I would have taken a guided tour, or downloaded the interactive street art map. Yes, Warrnambool’s street art scene has exploded in the last 12 months. Not only are the arts piece around town beautiful and diverse they tell real stories of this interesting town. From Aboriginal history to current day stories of viral sensation. Do yourself a favour and take a look!    

If I’d known about the helpful staff in the Visitor Information Centre! I would have talked to them sooner. Yes, Warrnambool has a mountain of things to offer, even the locals are still discovering new things. Luckily there are people whose job it is to know all of this information, who are trained to ask the right questions to understand your interests, budgets and timelines and match experience to your needs. The knowledgeable staff and volunteers in the Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre are available every day from 9am till late at night. They talk to people at the desk, answer questions on the phone, via email and social media message. The easiest way to avoid holiday regret is to talk to a local expert today.


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Bethany enjoys long walks along the beaches of her hometown Warrnambool and discovering the hidden gems in her own backyard..

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