STORY TOWNS: Warrnambool First Travel Podcast


Welcome to Story Towns, my name is Jarrod Pickford your podcast tour guide. You are now a part of a world first. 

These are geolocated podcast tours which means you just follow a map, and your phone will recognise where you are and play short podcast to entertain and inform you about the places you go.

We’re going to meet storytellers, artists, collectors and a marine biologist who looks after the dogs and penguins on Middle Island plus if your lucky you’ll get to see helicopters take off and land, emus, koalas, and hopefully some seals!

Plus I have soooo many random things I need to tell you about Warrnambool, like did you know Waltzing Matilda was written here and the song is pretty dark actually?!

Your journey begins in the Flagstaff Hill… turn left out of the car park, and head towards the dirty angel. If you don't know the dirty angel, look up. 

In the coming weeks we’ll have more tours - plus a foodie tour. I am building a 'choose your own adventure' podcast tour too, before you begin the tour go to and join our email list so you'll be the first to know about the new tours!


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Jarrod Pickford has had 20 years of radio and audio experience. He is the founder of The Clever Podcast Company and also acts as a key judge in the Australian Podcast Awards.

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