STORY TOWNS: Warrnambool First Travel Podcast


Podcasts are opening new avenues for local towns. This summer Storytowns is launching in Warrnmabool. It's a web based platform featuring Podcast tours by local people and their stories.

It's free and simple to use. When Storytowns is launched Christmas Day, go to the website, choose a podcast tour to your liking, then your phone will instantly connect with google maps and take you on a podcast adventure around the Warrnambool region. And best of all you can take the kids, get out of your car, and take part in various activities.  

During the summer, Storytowns will be releasing various podcasts tours, each with their own unique theme. First released will be ‘The Discovery Tour’ which are interactive stories about warrnambool, then followed by, not one, but four foodie tours!

Jarrod Pickford, host of Storytowns and a local, has a long history of storytelling via radio, blogs and social media. He also lays claim to the first hitchhiking podcast which “was just me hitchhiking around the world talking to people. I love diving into people's lives and extracting stories, it’s been a great passion of mine since I first travelled 19 years ago”.

Along the tour Jarrod also speaks with artists, collectors, pioneers and a marine biologist who looks after the dogs and penguins on Middle Island. Jarrod will also introduce you to random stories of Warrnambool like Bill The Pie Man, who, word has it, stuck a finger in every pie he sold.

Listen below for a sample of what’s to come…

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Jarrod Pickford has had 20 years of radio and audio experience. He is the founder of The Clever Podcast Company and also acts as a key judge in the Australian Podcast Awards.

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