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Whale watching in winter

When you think of winter holiday destinations, you don’t automatically think of the beach do you?  Well in Victoria, many people do, and the reason is to welcome home some VIW’s (very important whales) from their long migration up from the colder antarctic waters.  visit the waters along the Great Ocean Road between June and September – the majestic Southern Right Whale.

The sheltered waters of Lady Bay becomes the nursing and playground for the Southern RIght Whale between May and October. The protected bay is perfect for the gentle giants to give birth and raise their calves.

The whales migrate each winter from the cooler waters of the Antarctic and have been visiting since records began.

Watch from the shores as these massive creatures frolic in the water and put on a spectacular show of tail slapping, spy hopping and fluke waving as they loll about in the warmth of the coastal waters.

The Logan Beach Whale Watching Platform east of the Hopkins River, is a perfect viewing point. Notifications of whale sitings can be found here, at the Visitor Information Centre and on the Great Ocean Road Whales Facebook Page.