Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Tower Hill, just to the west of Warrnambool, is one of the most fascinating geological formations in Victoria. It has an important place in local Aboriginal history and it teems with wildlife.

Tower Hill is an enormous volcanic crater rimmed by beds of volcanic ash. The swampy floor of the crater is punctuated by conical hills which, after good rains, virtually become islands surrounded by a shallow lake. The inside of the crater, and the island-hills are now a wildlife reserve and there are substantial populations of native birds and wildlife. It's easy to see koalas, kangaroos, emus and much more.

The beautiful Robin Boyd-designed visitor centre is managed by Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Cooperative. There's a substantial collection of aboriginal arts and crafts for sale. There are a number of well-marked self-guided walks and attractive picnic and BBQ facilities.

There are also guided interactive walks (1 hour duration) led by experienced guides with specific knowledge about the volcano, indigenous lifestyles, wildlife and flora. Visitors will see native animals, learn about bush tucker and gain understanding of the rich local Aboriginal heritage.

Night walks are also offered. There are often dramatic sunsets from the rim of the volcano, and many Australian animals are more active in the evenings and at night. A guided night walk will reveal a wide range of nocturnal wildlife and reveal what happens in the animal world after dark.

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