QUIZ: The Adventure for You


What sort of Warrnambool adventure should you take after quarantine? Answer five fun questions about your personality to find out!


  1. It’s not a holiday without a visit to:

    a). The local gallery, I’m always hungry for new inspiration. 
    b). A museum, to learn the stories and the roots of the destination you're visiting. 
    c). A body of water, take me to a waterfall, the beach, a river or even a lake - stat!

  2. Your first holiday selfie will be:

    a). Against the colourful graffiti wall at Pat Loch Lane or the infamous Gutsy Wombat!
    b). In front of the Dirty Angel monument, or the WW1 Cannons at Cannon Hill. 
    c). Atop the Warrnambool breakwater, hair in the wind and loving being in the elements. 

  3. It’s dinner time, your restaurant choice is:

    a). Eat at the hip new place everyone is talking about to enjoy gourmet pizzas, craft beers, an impressive cocktail menu while great music plays in the background.
    b). Dine at one of the historic pubs that’s full of character, enjoy the crackling fire and a menu that has lasted the test of time.
    c). Somewhere with a view, enjoying local paddock to plate dishes while watching the sun setting over the Lady Bay or Hopkins River. 

  4. For souvenir shopping you visit the:

    a). Warrnambool Art Gallery or F Project Gift Shop, marvel at the pretty coffee table books and find a locally-made goodie to take home. 
    b). Fletcher Jones Markets, to browse the antique and vintage finds at one of Warrnambool’s historically significant sites.
    c). Flagstaff Hill Gift Shop - with the best selection of postcards and nicknacks it’s great shopping, but it’s really the floor to ceiling windows framing the view of the maritime village, Lady Bay and Lake Pertobe that keeps you browsing.   

  5. Post holiday, the first story you tell your friends back home is:

    a). The quirky thing you saw that can only be found in Warrnambool. 
    b). The grand building you saw that filled you with nostalgia and what you discovered about crazy history behind it.
    c). The serenity, just look at these photos! 



Mostly A’s: Art Lover

In the world of explorers, you are an Art Lover. You’re drawn to the finer things in life, you seek the unique and quirky experiences, finding the soul of a place rather than recreating the typical postcard experience. For you we recommend checking out our Self Guided Street Art Trail to discover the colourful veins of this City by the Sea. 

Mostly B’s: History Buff

In the world of explorers, you are a History Buff. You strive to go beyond your own roots to understand the history and culture of the places you visit. You are the most nostalgic of explorers and enjoy taking your time to marvel at the beauty that others can sometimes hurry past.  For you we recommend checking out our CBD Heritage Trail, follow the map to discover 22 of the city’s oldest and most attractive buildings on this 3km walk. 

Mostly C’s: Nature Lover
In the world of explorers, you are a Nature Lover. You seek the beauty of endless skies, lush greenery and powerful coastlines. Your ideal adventure is full of fresh air, switching off and reconnecting with yourself. For you we recommend checking out our list of 10 Warrnambool Walking Trails, some of them you will know, others you will have heard of but some we have never shared before. Get ready to go off the beaten track to discover the great outdoors! 


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