Proudfoots Boathouse in Warrnambool

Warrnambool Heritage Trail

Warrnambool is home to many historic buildings. The CBD has a cluster of sites and heritage properties that have been linked in a three-km trail that wanders through the city streets. There are fine churches, hotels and examples of 19th century commercial and civic architecture dating back to the 1850s.

For more information on the Warrnambool Heritage Trail, visit the Visitor Information Centre.

Shipwreck Trails

There are approximately 638 known shipwrecks along Victoria’s coast, although only around 240 of them have been discovered. The Historic Shipwreck Trail along the Shipwreck Coast and the Discovery Coast shows some of the sites where gales, human error and, in some cases, foul play caused these vessels to be wrecked.

As you tour along this rugged coastline, look for the road signs that lead to information plaques overlooking the cliffs and sandy beaches.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Flagstaff Hill is a state heritage listed site overlooking the beautiful Lady Bay. Today you can explore the site and gain a glimpse into our regions maritime heritage.


Whales in Winter

When you think of winter holiday destinations you don’t automatically think of the beach do you?  Well in Victoria many people do and the reason for this isn’t because it’s warm and sunny – it’s because of some VIP’s that visit the waters along the Great Ocean Road between May and October – the majestic Southern Right Whale.

The sheltered waters of Lady Bay are perfect for the gentle giants to visit and use as a nursery where they give birth and raise their calves.

The long and the short of it

It has been estimated that there were 3,500 aborigines in the Western District in the 1840s. Today some descendants of these people still live in our area.

Nicholas Baudin, the French scientist and navigator, sailing in the Geographe, was credited with being the first European to sight Warrnambool Bay. He marked the landmarks on his charts that are today named Tower Hill and Point Pickering but made no attempt to land. Sealers and whalers trawling along the coast were reported to have landed in Warrnambool Bay in the 1830s but none stayed for any length of time.