Southern Right Whale in the Southern Ocean

Whale watching in Warrnambool is a spectacular event that happens during May and September. Whale species you may spot include:

  • Southern Right
  • Humpback
  • Blue
  • Orca

They migrate from the Antarctic to the region to breed, birth and raise their calves, often nursing close to the shore making it easy to spot these majestic creatures from viewing platforms.

The best time for whale watching at Warrnambool is in the morning and middle of the day because whales will usually breach when the sun is shining. Breaching is when they are easiest to spot and it is a fantastic sight to see. You may be out in the cold whale watching at Warrnambool for a while so be sure to dress in warm clothing.

Warrnambool Whale Watching Tours

There is a Warrnambool whale watching tour that takes you by bus to the Logans Beach Platform where binoculars are supplied to make your whale watching at Warrnambool easier. You may also spot the local dolphin and seal residents too!

Whale Watching Warrnambool Best Time

Whale watching Warrnambool best time is from May through to September when the whales are migrating from the Antarctic. This is when they are nursing their calves which they tend to do close to the shore making them easier to spot.

To warm up after an exhilarating day of watching whales, stop in at one of the local Warrnambool cafes for a coffee or a hearty lunch.

Beautiful Warrnambool

Enquire About Whale Watching At Warrnambool Today

Enquire about whale watching in Warrnambool, Victoria at the Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre where local experts will be able to provide information on Warrnambool whale watching tours, whale watching Warrnambool best times and will also be able to fill you in on any current whale sightings.

You can also subscribe to the Great Ocean Road Whale Blog where you can keep up to date on whale sightings along the Great Ocean Road and follow Great Ocean Road Whales on Facebook where sightings are also listed (you can also post your sightings there too).